Wednesday, 2 December 2009


The projector with sharp teeth is back... and we are overjoyed to be back with it.

Morning Echo is screening as part of the Femmes Fantastiques Programmes which will take place at the ICA on Saturday 9th January @ 6pm

Please go along and support the film. Take friends, family, etc etc.

Sadly I can't be there as I'm watching my brother getting married in the West Country, but I know the Festival will look after you and the programme will be packed full of fantastic films.

Tickets are available from the ICA.


Monday, 23 November 2009


Quite frankly the most fun you can have with your clothes on, I returned to my favourite film festival in the world last week for another excellent time complete with Southern hospitality. And I managed to only have one pulled pork sandwich this time, which I'm hoping will save my guts for another movie, another festival, another year.

I kicked off my festival with a High School Screening where the students had an interactive approach to film viewing. As Morning Echo rolled, the audience screamed out 'DIVORCE!' as Chris and Donald argue in the kitchen, and laughed out loud at the cat and dog antics. I did get the question 'Where did you get the idea from?' twice though, so I obviously need to work on my answer to that one.

Although it clearly wasn't the reason to travel to North Carolina, I was happy to catch up with some Scottish films that I haven't managed to catch at home. Adrian and Finlay's film MA BAR was screening and in attendance was editor Mark Jenkins. And out on its own, Matt Hulse's FOLLOW THE MASTER screened to a happy audience at Jengo's Playhouse.

I got to catch BOMBER, PRECIOUS and WAITING FOR ARMAGEDDON and then it was my public screening in Jengo's. Greeted with fully adult laughter this time, it was wonderful to see the film with a totally new audience, and I was aware that this is the first festival I've been to with this film. I couldn't be more chuffed about how it went down.

Although I missed dance extravaganza Dance-A-Lorus on opening night, I did get to catch the show on Saturday morning. Awesome awesome. In new-to-me venue City Stage where you feel like you're in the court room from To Kill A Mockingbird.

Finally, a festival ain't a festival without a little bit of competition. And though there are no official prizes at Cucalorus, I was thrilled to walk away with the crown of Musical Chairs Champion. And a bunch of new friends. Thanks-a-lorus y'all.

Saturday, 3 October 2009


Mill Valley Film Festival gets more awesome every day. Morning Echo is playing in the 5@5 section of the festival - 5 short films at 5pm every day. Every year this section takes its programme titles from the songs of a musical performer. This year's chosen artist is Morrissey. Love it.

And so the programme we're in is called: The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get


Even cooler, if possible, is that every year BAFTA/LA recognises excellence in short film among the films from the 5@5s - and this year we've been honoured with a Certificate of Excellence.

Fantastic news.

Friday, 25 September 2009


One of my favourite festivals, ever since The Dawn Chorus won Best Student Narrative Short there, it's great news they've selected Morning Echo to play at the Austin Film Festival.

The Festival takes place at the same time as a Screenwriters Conference, and so the focus is always on storytelling. If you know anyone who is going, please let them know to check out SHORTS 7 - playing at the following times:
Friday 23rd October @ 9pm at the Hideout
Wednesday 28th October @ 9pm at the Hideout

Meanwhile, you can do your bit for the film, and register as part of the b-side community online, and review the film - to encourage more people to come to the screenings. Go to: or click on the link opposite.

Thursday, 17 September 2009


MORNING ECHO will be screening as part of the NURSERY CRIMES shorts programme:

Friday 2nd October @ 3pm in the Woodstock Community Centre
Sunday 4th October @ 11.30am in the Woodstock Community Centre

Monday, 31 August 2009


Listed by Screen International as one of the ‘Top 10’ Festivals in the United States, the Mill Valley Film Festival is California’s longest-running fall festival. Located just north of San Francisco, the Festival is known internationally as a high profile, prestigious event celebrating the best of independent and international cinema.

Please send your west-coast friends along to support the film!

Morning Echo will be playing on
Tuesday October 13 @ 5PM, in CinéArts @ Sequoia 1
Thursday October 15 @ 5PM, in the Christopher B. Smith Rafael Film Center 3

The Festival runs from October 8th - 18th.


It's the second year of this shiny new and fabulous festival and we couldn't be more proud to be participating.

Morning Echo will be playing on
Saturday 3rd October @ 5pm in the Jersey Magistrates Court

The Festival runs from 1st -4th October


We're thrilled to be part of the lineup of this year's 10th Anniversary Edition of the Wonderful Woodstock Film Festival.

Playing as part of the 'Family Tales' programme, we will post the screening times and dates when we get them.

The festival runs from Sept. 30th - Oct. 4th in Woodstock, NY.

Friday, 13 March 2009

Photos Are Up

The slideshow to the right shows the photos Laurent took for the shoot. Check them out on (username: Hopedickle) and if you have some favourites, let me know and we can send them your way.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


We're excited that MORNING ECHO is almost, so very nearly, finished. We'll be updating this blog as news arrives about screenings and any other ways you might be able to see or support the film. We hope you'll become a 'follower' (it doesn't mean you can't be a leader too) and send us any of your own news to do with the flick. Hope to see you back here soon.